Orphanage Assistance Update - Dec 2014

05 Dec 2014 3:53 PM | Anonymous

FCC – N. Calif. provides ongoing support to orphans in China. We hope you enjoy reading the highlight of our sponsored children and programs.

Linda the Graduate (17 month old with heart defect)

After nearly nine months in the loving arms of her nannies, dressed in warm clothes, with a full belly, and sleeping in a warm bed, Linda has graduated the Anhui Healing Home run by Love Without Boundaries.  She was welcomed into the arms of her loving foster family in her hometown.  There she will continue her journey and learn how family relationships work until she is chosen to be adopted by her forever family.  They are already missing her beautiful face and her silly antics. They are hopeful that her strong personality will help her live her life to the full.

New Sponsorship – Cohen (4 month old preemie with heart defect)

Tiny baby Cohen just completed his first month at Anhui Healing Home.  During his time in the hospital, he was found to have a heart defect, as well as retinopathy, which will both require follow up care in the coming months.  He has made huge progress.  His nannies have fed him on a strict schedule, whether he is fussing for a bottle or not.  This has taught him that he can depend on his loving nannies to provide for his needs, as well as ensure that he had the proper calorie intake.  They have been impressed with his drastic weight gain!

New Sponsorship – Vivienne (3 month old preemie)

Vivienne entered Anhui Healing Home at the end of September and spent her first month of October eating and growing under the love and care of the nannies. It has made such a difference for her and she is putting on weight and becoming more responsive to her caregivers. Vivienne spends much of her time sleeping these days, but that is so important for her growth. As a preemie, one of her biggest tasks right now is putting on weight so she can develop the skills of other babies her own age.  Although she spends much time in bed, Vivienne has been known to open her eyes and peek at the camera when she wants to!

Child sponsorship from Cleft Lip & Palate Medical Exchange - Freddie (4 years old/repaired cleft lip & palate)

Freddie is a part of Love Without Boundaries foster care and school program in his home city.  Every morning he participates in exercises and running.  He doesn’t love song time at school, but will sing along when he’s in a good mood.  Some days he prefers to just sit and listen. Freddie tends to be quiet and does not speak up in class.  His favorite part of the school day is recess. Freddie is described as shy and mischievous.  He is also athletic and playful.  Freddie likes to go out with his foster mother to run errands or take a walk.  His favorite thing though is to play outside with his neighborhood friends and kick balls around.

Hugging Grannies

We also sponsor Hugging Grannies Program through Altrusa International. The grannies give loving attention to the children in the orphanages and do rehab exercises with the kids and teach them basic life skills. Most of the children are older and disabled. The grannies are volunteers and receive a stipend to help with travel costs and meals.

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